Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dual Slalom course marshals for 2009

MBOSC will again be providing the course marshals for the dual slalom course for 2009. Megan Zemny has been recruiting volunteers and we have just about reached our limit. Thanks Megan!!

The following links are provided as a resource for volunteers:

Each volunteer will receive a four-day festival pass wristband, a Sea Otter Classic T-shirt, and a sack lunch with beverage per full day of assistance. MBOSC will receive a small stipend. This is a great way to support mountain biking in Santa Cruz.

Volunteering is a pretty cushy job. The view is fantastic and you can watch many of the races including road, short track, criterium and of course: the dual slalom. This is a great way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Sea Otter and have an inside track experience for the hottest race at the Otter. Perhaps you'll be seeing your leg or back in ads, magazine covers and videos for the next year.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Highlights from 2007 Dual Slalom Race

Here is a preview of what to expect. The course marshals are the ones closest to the action.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Driving is a hassle these days, so for those that want to ease the burden let's see if we can't share some rides. Especially those coming from the San Jose side of the hill. Vehicles with four or more people (and all hybrid vehicles) can be parked in the special Hybrid/Carpool area next to the festival entrance.

I am volunteering all day Saturday and Sunday and I plan to drive both days. For those that are interested, I plan to leave Santa Cruz at 7:30AM Saturday and 10:30AM Sunday. I plan to leave Laguna Seca soon after quitting time both days.

So far, I have Dan riding with me Sat and Sun, and Buff on Sun. That leaves two open seats on Sat, and one on Sun.

Let me know if you'd like to take those seats at those times. You can leave a comment to this post, or email me (rhen_tww at yahoo dot com).


SOC Dual Slalom Volunteer weekend!

Yet another updated schedule:

Thu AM: Mark D., Kym, Daryl, Robert, Kelly
Thu PM: Mark D., Henry, Robert, Kelly, Martin

Fri AM: Mark D., Tim D., Daryl, Robert, Buell
Fri PM: Rich, Mark T., Robert, Dan, Mike

Sat AM: Rich, Cynthia, Mark T., Seb, Jun, Charlotte
Sat PM: Rich, Seb, Buell, Dan, Matt, Howie

Sun PM: Rich, Kym, Buff, Dan, Steven, Howie

Not full yet, but we're staffed really well thanks to some last-minute entries by Kevin, Martin, and Mike.

Here are some other things to keep in mind this weekend:

* Bring warm clothes. Dress in layers. Hiking boots work best out there.

* No rain in the forecast yet, but that can change. Can be foggy and cold.

* If you have one of those FRS family radios, you can bring it and stay in contact. Set them to channel 12, sub-channel 3.

* Bring a portable chair. Sunscreen. Water. Clif bar.

I will start a separate Carpool thread on the blog next (http://soc-ds.blogspot.com/). Better way to track all the riders there.

Here we go!

Monday, April 14, 2008

More directions


Here is a map showing parking, volunteer check-in, the DS course.

Unless you carpool with 4 or more in your vehicle, you will likely park in the Wolf Hill area (lower left of the map). Don't try to enter Laguna Seca off of Hwy 68 after 6AM. Follow the directions off of Hwy 1, using Camino Del Rey vis Seaside.

The volunteer check-in is located just outside the village entrance, lower-left inside the racetrack, right next to the ATM. If you carpool with 4 or more, you can park very close to the check-in booth where it says "'D' Camping - Parking".

After checking-in, just wait there for Mark Davidson or me to come get you. If you are late (or Mark or me), you can just head towards the Dual Slalom course which is marked in squiggly orange above the volunteer check-in. It's on the hill to the north of the festival.

If you have any questions, give me a shout.

So far I've described the volunteer shifts with just AM or PM. Here are more precise starting times:

Thu AM: 8AM - 12PM
Thu PM: 2PM - 5:30PM

Fri AM: 8AM - 12PM
Fri PM: 1PM - 5PM

Sat AM: 9AM - 1PM
Sat PM: 3PM - 6PM

Sun PM: 12PM - 4PM

Please aim to arrive 30 minutes before the start times above. That should allow you time to walk to check-in, sign-in, and grab a shirt and lunch. There may not be any lunches left for those working just the PM shift on Thu, Fri, Sat. So plan accordingly.


Instructions and latest schedule

Hey Gang!

We're almost there. Less than a week until the start of the festivities. I want to thank everyone for helping us out with this event. It should work out well.

OK, here's the latest schedule assignments. A few people had to drop out, but then a couple have come aboard since the last update. Please let me know ASAP if you think you'll have a problem making these times. On the other hand, if you are receiving this message and are not scheduled, let me know that as well since we may not have determined when you could make it. Oh yeah, the schedule:

Thu AM: Kym, Daryl, Robert, Kelly, Mark Davidson (coordinator)
Thu PM: Henry, Robert, Kelly, Mark Davidson

Fri AM: Tim, Daryl, Robert, Buell, Mark D.
Fri PM: Mark Timares, Robert, Dan, Mike O., Rich Henthorn (coordinator)

Sat AM: Cynthia, Mark T., Seb, Jun, Charlotte, Rich
Sat PM: Seb, Buell, Dan, Howie, Matt, Rich

Sun PM: Kym, Buff, Dan, Howie, Steven, Rich

SOC has sent me some instructions for volunteers. If you want a copy, let me know.

Here are some highlights:

Entering the Sea Otter Venue.
Take General Jim Moore Blvd. off of Canyon Del Rey in Monterey. Take your first right onto South Boundary Road. This will take you directly in to Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca. The parking is free. Vehicles with 4 get to park in the middle of the venue. Let's try to take advantage of that.

Checking in.
The coordinator for the event you are working will collect you at the Volunteer Check-in booth at the designated start time on your contract. We will walk you to the event and give you all the information you will need for your position.

Additional Pointers.
If you are going to be volunteering all day, we recommend you bring extra water, sunscreen, a hat, extra food, and a couple of layers. The weather can change and it’s always better to be prepared.

The check-in booth is located just on the inside of the track after you cross a bridge from the parking area (carpoolers park right next to the booth). I will attempt to send out a map with pointers to the check-in area and the dual slalom course.

Please try to be on time.

Thanks again, everyone.


P.S. I have a waiver that everyone must fill-out and sign. They will have them at the booth, but you could save some time and have it ready before hand. Let me know if you want an electronic copy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Schedule Update

A brief update.

We have a few more volunteers, and others have solidified their plans for the weekend. The latest schedule and roster are below.

If your name is down for a time you cannot make, please let me know ASAP. Thanks to all of you!

Thu AM: Mark D., Kym, Daryl, Robert, Kelly
Thu PM: Mark D., Henry, Robert, Kelly

Fri AM: Mark D., Tim D., Daryl, Robert, Buell
Fri PM: Rich, Henry, Robert

Sat AM: Rich, Cynthia, Mark T., Seb, Jun
Sat PM: Rich, Mark T., Seb, Buell

Sun PM: Rich, Eileen, Marshal, Kym